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  • The Cost of Liberty: Bail in Juvenile Court

    Nineteen states and territories allow money bail in the juvenile system. This workshop will help educate participants on the findings presented in a report from the National Juvenile Defender Center - A Right to Liberty: Reforming Juvenile Money Bail. The workshop will also cover risks associated with incarceration and the consequences of money bail.

  • Survey says what?!?! Results from the Scan of Pretrial Practices

    Recorded On: 09/06/2019

    Join us for the September First Friday Forum to find out how this 3rd generation of bail reform is taking root in local communities. The Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI) has conducted a national scan of practices approximately every ten years since 1979. The 2019 Scan of Pretrial Practices surveyed counties – from large and urban to small and rural – about their pretrial justice practices. You’ll be simultaneously encouraged and concerned as we share highlights of this soon-to-be-released report.

  • Beyond the Algorithm: Pretrial Reform, Risk Assessment, and Racial Fairness

    Recorded On: 08/06/2019

    Risk assessments—automated formulas that measure the “risk” a defendant will be rearrested or fail to appear in court—are among the most controversial issues in criminal justice reform. To proponents, they offer a corrective to potentially biased decisions made by individual judges. To opponents, far from disrupting biases, risk assessments are unintentionally amplifying them, only this time under the guise of science.

  • First Friday Forum - This Ain't Justice: Unintended Consequences of Pretrial Reform

    Recorded On: 08/02/2019

    Join the PJI Leadership Team as they discuss problematic pretrial justice practices and policies that erode justice—including excessive conditions, use of non-valid or modified assessment tools, large detention nets and more.

  • Bias In, Bias Out

    Recorded On: 06/17/2019

    Listen to Law Professor Sandy Mayson talk with Cherise about her foray into studying bail and why she says prediction is the problem, not assessment.

  • How We Talk: Research-Based Communications

    Recorded On: 06/12/2019

    PJI CEO Cherise Fanno Burdeen will highlight features of the new Communications and Community Engagement Toolkit, designed to empower users to join discussions around pretrial justice reform in the United States with regard to policy, language, and various media and policymaking forums. This toolkit represents an evolution in our thought process to keep pace with fast-moving changes in conversations around mass incarceration and the role of pretrial justice.

  • First Friday Forum - Making Sense of Bail Reform in New York State, a conversation with gabriel sayegh

    New York just passed historic pretrial justice reforms. Join PJI and special guest gabriel sayegh from the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice as we discuss what the 2019 legislation means for the state and future criminal justice reform efforts.

  • First Friday Forum - What's Happening in Pretrial (May 2019)

    Recorded On: 05/03/2019

    Pretrial improvements are underway across the country. Join PJI as we provide an update on changing practices, legislation, and litigation efforts, as well as new resources.

  • Pretrial Release Without Money in NYC

    Recorded On: 04/05/2019

    In 2018 there were more than three times as many releases without money than money bail in New York City. Join special guests Aubrey Fox and Miriam Popper as they talk about pretrial improvements highlighted in a new report from the NYC Criminal Justice Agency.

  • Pretrial Justice: The Role of Law Enforcement

    Sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, these on-demand e-learning modules are tailored to law enforcement leaders and frontline officers. Topics include the law and research underlying pretrial justice as well as strategies improve victim and community safety, maximize court appearance, and target jail resources to the highest risk defendants.