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  • Policing Black Bodies (Part 3): There is no Pretrial Justice without Racial Justice

    Recorded On: 07/31/2020

    The events unfolding across our nation today renew a long-standing call for fundamental changes to our nation’s institutions. While today’s cries echo the protests following the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and so many other Black people killed by the police—and the hopes expressed during the marches of the Civil Rights Movement—the story of race, racism, and white privilege in America has its roots firmly planted in over 400 years of history. Only by fully understanding our nation’s legacy of chattel slavery we can begin to combat the current social structures that perpetuate institutional racism.

  • First Friday Forum: The Prosecutor and Sheriff’s Role in COVID-19 Decarceration

    Recorded On: 06/05/2020

    To mitigate catastrophic outbreaks of COVID-19 in custodial settings, justice system stakeholders across the nation have collaborated to significantly and rapidly reduce the number of people brought into the justice system and held pretrial, although much work remains to be done. Join PJI for a conversation on what this looks like in action from the prosecutor's and sheriff's perspective.

  • First Friday Forum: Building Community Remotely - Tips for Working and Convening Online

    Recorded On: 03/06/2020

    With COVID-19 causing interruptions, cancellations, and quarantines, we wanted to take some time to share with you some practical ways to advance pretrial justice from wherever you may find yourself. Join PJI for an informal conversation about strategies we have found beneficial when working remotely, facilitating online events, and how we might be able to help you!

  • First Friday Forum: Disability Rights x Pretrial Justice

    Recorded On: 03/06/2020

    Along with various partners, the ACLU of Oklahoma recently filed a lawsuit against Canadian County, Oklahoma for their bail practices and treatment of individuals with disabilities pretrial. This groundbreaking case centers the unique needs of individuals with disabilities within a system that according to the complaint is, "violating well-established constitutional guarantees of due process and equal protection." Join Zoe Brennan-Krohn of the ACLU, Talila "TL" Lewis, founder of HEARD, and Amber Smock of Access Living, a Strategic Ally in the Safety and Justice Challenge, for a conversation about the needs and rights of individuals with disabilities within the pretrial justice system. This forum will have live captioning as well as a certified ASL interpreter, thanks to AccessLiving

  • Local Collaboration Advances Bail Reform in North Carolina

    Recorded On: 02/27/2020

    In December of 2019, North Carolina's 21st Judicial District released a report on a promising bail reform project that went into effect on January 1, 2019. Join PJI's John Clark as he sits down with Jessie Smith, Director of the Criminal Justice Innovation Lab at the University of North Carolina and Chief District Court Judge Lisa Menefee of North Carolina's 21st Judicial District to talk about this project.

  • First Friday Forum: Voting Rights x Pretrial Justice

    Recorded On: 02/09/2020

    With voting top of mind, due to 2020 being an election year, we are starting the year off with our First Friday Forum focused on voting rights. Join Robert Patillo, Executive Director, The Peachtree Street Project of Rainbow/Push Coalition, Illinois State Senator, Omar Aquino, and Lake County, IL Sheriff John Idleburg for a conversation about their efforts around ensuring voting rights, access, and representation for individuals who are incarcerated.

  • First Friday Forum: What's Happening in Pretrial Justice

    Recorded On: 12/06/2019

    Join PJI's Leadership Team as they review the major activities in pretrial justice from the past year and what they expect to see as we enter 2020. They will also give an overview of the results from the last six months of PJI's equity transformation.

  • Race and Pretrial Detention: Why Data Matters

    Recorded On: 11/01/2019

    Join us for a conversation with Wendy Sawyer of the Prison Policy Initiative, who will talk about their new issue brief, How race impacts who is detained pretrial, and PPI's mission of using data to spark advocacy campaigns. We'll also be joined by Douglas Smith from the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition who will share his on-the-ground experience using data as a tool for decarceration in Texas.

  • The Cost of Liberty: Bail in Juvenile Court

    Recorded On: 09/10/2019

    Nineteen states and territories allow money bail in the juvenile system. This workshop will help educate participants on the findings presented in a report from the National Juvenile Defender Center - A Right to Liberty: Reforming Juvenile Money Bail. The workshop will also cover risks associated with incarceration and the consequences of money bail.

  • Survey says what?!?! Results from the Scan of Pretrial Practices

    Recorded On: 09/06/2019

    Join us for the September First Friday Forum to find out how this 3rd generation of bail reform is taking root in local communities. The Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI) has conducted a national scan of practices approximately every ten years since 1979. The 2019 Scan of Pretrial Practices surveyed counties – from large and urban to small and rural – about their pretrial justice practices. You’ll be simultaneously encouraged and concerned as we share highlights of this soon-to-be-released report.